Vogue Italia
Allegory of water

Elena Petitti di Roreto
Production Company
Image Partnership

David Raedeker
Francesca Cefis
Julia Campbell-Gilles

“Allegory of water” has been produced as part of the project Yooxigen hold by Vogue Italia in collaboration with Yoox for the Milan fashion week 2018. All the fashion appearing in this film is sustainable and provided by: By Browns, Nous Etudions and Older Brothers.  vogue.it
Filmed at Angus landfill site, Forfair, Scotland, with the most sincere kindness and warmth of the site workers and owners. All the fish were sustainably sourced fish and seafood kindly supplied by M&J Seafood. Starfish sadly appeared a couple of days before the shoot on portobello beach edinburgh, due a full moon creating a strong northern storm.